Discover the Valley of Landmarks

Discover the Valley of Landmarks

Valle Camonica features almost 100 km of landmarks: from the thermal baths – landmarks of timeless beauty – to nature, which ruled this territory way before us.

Valle Camonica means flavour, with its gastronomy rich in tastes and delicacies, but also sport, thanks to its walking routes and the bike lane along river Oglio, which allows cycling enthusiasts to ride through the valley, following the river.
The flat paths lead to the arduous climbs of the Alpine passes, made famous by Giro d'Italia: Gavia, Mortirolo, Aprica, Tonale, Crocedomini and Vivione.
Not only sport, but also art: from ancient to modern times, Valle Camonica features hidden gems.

Romanino, Beniamino Simoni, but also Franca Ghitti and OZMO are just a few of the big names who have left their mark on the territory.
Lastly, Valle Camonica features history and memory landmarks: rock engravings and old forges are the witnesses of a community which evolved over time, but always stayed connected to their roots.
Not only rock engravings

Not only rock engravings

Whoever believes that Valle Camonica’s culture is relegated to rock engravings is totally wrong. What may look like a sleeping territory, hides a vivacious soul, which aims towards culture. Indeed, culture has reached new spaces and means of expression, invading those places which don’t seem to be usual cultural destinations.

Art residences are scattered along the 100 km of Valle Camonica, from Lozio to Bienno. Cultural festivals animate the squares on sultry summer evenings. Literature, music, but also poetry and events for children are at the centre of the events.
The Camunian know-how

The Camunian know-how

Culture also hides in the local shops and laboratories, where you can find the quality of the Camunian know-how. Segno Artigiano enters these places looking not only for objects but also for the stories behind them, because a work tool needs a hand to hold it.

Computerised woodworking, forging, carpentry and wood turning are some of the techniques considered by Segno Artigiano, which in recent years has become a collection of the tales of artisans of the whole territory.
Tasting the territory

Tasting the territory

Walking through the Camunian streets, you can almost see a trail of aromes coming out of the windows: most likely it has the colour of polenta and the flavour of Sundays family dinners.

If you enter the houses and go down into the cellar, you will surely find salami hanging from the ceiling, a tradition which has finally become a form of art - the pork butcher. Among the various types of meat that you can smell in the Camunian underground rooms, the most typical is the famous gelded mutton sausage, a typical product from Breno since the 1920s. 
Lined up in a precise order, you will then find bottles of wine: whether white or red, it will certainly be of quality, thanks to the conformation of the territory.
Another typical product is honey, a real health distillate from the bees that inhabit Valle Camonica. Honey is often used to accompany several types of cheese, which come directly from the mountain pastures.
In a Camunian house there is never a shortage of oil. Once again, the choice is wide because the types vary according to the geographical position of the plots.

Raw materials, typical dishes and a strong feeling of culinary tradition make Valle Camonica a place that is not only beautiful, but also tasty.


Valle Camonica is laid out on an extraordinarily rich and diverse table: the products and ingredients are those of the mountains, while the culinary traditions and recipes come from the everyday history of each community, of each family.

Valle Camonica in Tavola (Valle Camonica on the table) tells of this great historical heritage, which is reconstructed and reinvented every day by our chefs, in the kitchens of our restaurants.

Valle Camonica in Tavola is a collective journey towards a new awareness of truly familiar food; a journey through ...


The association was founded in 2004 as the culmination of a collaboration for over te years between a group of chefs and restaurateurs, with the aim of creating a network of activities and promoting the traditional products and recipes of a unique territory.

The main goals that have guided the members from the beginning, even before the association was formed, are the promotion and enhancement of the Camunian agricultural products, through an active collaboration with local producers, authorities, the distribution chain and not only.