Food that speaks about territory


Valle Camonica is laid out on an extraordinarily rich and diverse table: the products and ingredients are those of the mountains, while the culinary traditions and recipes come from the everyday history of each community, of each family.

Valle Camonica in Tavola (Valle Camonica on the table) tells of this great historical heritage, which is reconstructed and reinvented every day by our chefs, in the kitchens of our restaurants.

Valle Camonica in Tavola is a collective journey towards a new awareness of truly familiar food; a journey through raw materials, products and producers, recipes and dishes that enhance and share stories of the local heritage, the roots of the identity of our territory.

A project that wants to pay more attention to the food products of Valle Camonica, their use and their transformation in traditional and contemporary culinary preparations. A real path towards a new awareness of truly familiar food, a journey through raw materials, products and producers, recipes and dishes that enhance and speak about the local heritage, the roots of the territory's identity.

A project by Distretto Culturale di Valle Camonica, in collaboration with the Association of Restaurateurs of Valle Camonica and Sebino, achieved as part of the project "LA CULTURA ALTROVE", promoted by Comunità Montana di Valle Camonica, with the contribution of Fondazione Cariplo and Consorzio Comuni B.I.M. di Valle Camonica.



Concept, project coordination and design: Dario Riva of Whomade
Text editing: Claudio Furloni
Assistant editor: Mirko Bonetti
Video: Fabrizio Zanotti
Video assistant: Moreno Tempini
Photography: Leo Milani
Illustrations: Octofly Art
Scientific technical committee: Riccardo Lagorio, Marino Marini, Carlos McAdden, Massimo Montanari
Project coordinator for Distretto Culturale / Comunità Montana di Valle Camonica: Sergio Cotti Piccinelli
Project coordinator of Ass. Ristoratori VC: Fabio Scalvinoni


Valle Camonica features almost 100 km of landmarks: from the thermal baths – landmarks of timeless beauty – to nature, which ruled this territory way before us. Valle Camonica means flavour, with its gastronomy rich in tastes and delicacies, but also sport, thanks to its walking routes and the bike lane along river Oglio, which allows cycling enthusiasts to ride through the valley, following the river.
Not only sport, but also art: from ancient to modern times, Valle Camonica features hidden gems. Lastly, Valle Camonica features history and memory landmarks: rock engravings and old forges are the witnesses of a community which evolved over time, but always stayed connected to their roots.



The association was founded in 2004 as the culmination of a collaboration for over te years between a group of chefs and restaurateurs, with the aim of creating a network of activities and promoting the traditional products and recipes of a unique territory.

The main goals that have guided the members from the beginning, even before the association was formed, are the promotion and enhancement of the Camunian agricultural products, through an active collaboration with local producers, authorities, the distribution chain and not only.